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Sidarand Travis was a Master Engineer of Archadia, a name quickly gathering fame in the magitech circles. He was one of the bigger names in magitech design, one of the leaders in magitech engines. Sidarand Travis was said to be one of the people to revolutionize the Archadean Empire, hoping to use the engines to mass produce, to make steel cheaper, to make labor easier. To make men more than they are through the use of machines. He wanted to make a magitech suit.

Sidarand came from a long line of laborers. Men who died early, but worked hard to create a better world, men who built roadways, men who conquered mountains. Men who were buried their sons and wives.

Now, Sidarand is a traitor. On the eve of finishing his new compact magitech engine, one with which he would create a great magitech suit, one that could fulfill his vision of a new world, he learned of the weapons program to design the mist suit. With his greatwrench, he smashed his laboratory scant minutes before it would be seized. But that was not enough. He was human. He did the only thing he could think of. Bargaining through a summoner, Sidarand pleaded with Carbuncle. To rip away his memories. To put them where they cannot be found.

The Archadean Empire branded him a traitor of the people, claiming he is holding the nation's secrets to a mighty army from them. His colleagues struggle to find his notes. And the empire holds his wife, Rosilyn, and daughter, Charity, as prisoners of the state.

Only no one but Sid understands what he had done. In one final commitment of magic, he sacrificed all of his skill and knowledge, destroying any chance of remaking the magitech engine.

But now he is a refugee in Emberstrand, a fugitive, and worst of all, lacks all of the knowledge and skill that once made him a master engineer. Only the belief he can still make new more powerful magitech engines makes him a valuable target to Archadia. He must rescue his wife and daughter before his work is completed without him or the Empire finds out about his lack.

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