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At an early age, it was obvious that Sizalia was different than other children. She didn't have any sort of odd coloration to her, not any demeanor or trait that seemed unnatural, she was merely.... a little thicker than the rest. It wasn't anything that made her unhealthy, perhaps even making her a little sturdier than the other children, she just wasn't quite as thin as they were. However, this did nothing to hinder her upbringing, aside from a little teasing from her friends, and even her older sister.

From early on, she had a fascination with the arts, holding an interest in how things were made or what technique was used to make a good performance. Out of these curiosities, what drew her in the most was dance. She was enthralled with performances, always wanting to see more, even wishing to try and join them. She would practice on her own, making up her own little routines she would perform for an invisible audience. Her family noticed she was quite agile when doing her little dances, so they did what they could to help her learn, her sister even pausing in her own learning to watch and critique her.

When she began to blossom into womanhood, her extra robustness began to make sense as her womanly figure formed, leaving her with curvatures that would make any teen Burmecian girl envious. Her agility only seemed to grow as she grew, and her fascination for dance turned into a labor of love, pushing herself to find her limits with new dances, holding such fluidity and grace as she moved through their motions.

Her mind didn't rest just on dancing, however, soon enticing her father to spar with her, train her at least somewhat in combat tactics. Her gracefulness continued to flow in her combat form, fluid strikes coupled with graceful dodges, only backed up by a little magical might taught to her by one of her fathers more magically inclined friends. Her sister, taking a more formal training in combat, even sparred with her from time to time.

As she left her teen years, she found herself fairly skilled in combat, aided by her minor knowledge in the arcane. Her style had become a dance all in itself, some rubbing off to her sister's own technique. she was now a full performer of dance, always wearing a smile as she worked with others to entertain the masses. Performing was her joy, and it brought joy to others. When not performing, she would help her sister with cleaning out anything nasty and vile that managed to get near their town, further honing both of their skills in combat.

At one point later in her twenties, a visitor from beyond her town placed a new spark in her interests. she now had the desire to travel, to learn new dances and train with people who knew different combat styles. she took the time to prepare, consulting with friends and family to gather information and advice, then bid her parents and sister goodbye when she finally set off, looking forward to seeing what other parts of the world held...

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