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Sunochi, forerunner and leader of the band of hunters known as Silverscale, is a strong willed Gria, bent on exploration and taking down big targets, but this is not where we begin. It all started when she was just getting out started. For a newbie, the life of taking out worms and goblins wasn't appealing, Sunochi dediced to try one of the bigger targets on the board... a Zu.

This Zu, still barely an adult, started terrorizing one of the local villages, destroying houses, a few unfortunate souls passed and well, generally, a bad bird. Sunochi and her rag tag band of miscreants she gatherered went to take care of the problematic power pidgeon. Things didn't go the way she expected. Within minutes, two of the five she had with her fell and the other three wounded. With her anger skyrocketing, she picked up the nearest weapon, a long bow and a quiver, and took to the sky. The aerial battle lasted for what seemed forever... arrows flying, embedding themselves into the Zu... magic and throwing knives from the ground... feathers and magic from the Zu flying over the small team. One particular blast of air ripped through Sunochi, causing the Gria to lose her stability and fall towards the ground while the Zu took its powerful claws and raked the woman across the cheek and ear, severely wounding the woman. Once she hit the ground, a loud crack followed by a loud scream was heard... what was found next wasn't too pretty. One of Sunochi's horns, broken in half... blood oozing out of the damaged feature...

"You...overgrown... mutated pidgeon..." she growls out, Sunochi's eyes scowling at the beast. She clutches the broken bit of horn in her hand, wavering a bit from all the blood loss.. The mage managed to pop off a small Cure spell before getting torn in half by the Zu. "That's it, you're mine..." and a quick spring into the air she rushed at the Zu, broken horn in hand. She let out a primal scream, the Zu's claws outstretched.... and everything goes black...

A year later... in Emberstrand... the Gria's still there, a small building with "Silverscale" above the door and a 'Help Wanted' sign out front, 'Broken Horn' Sunochi starts life over... "Hi, Welcome to Band Silverscale, care to come in?"

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