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A Criminal's Daughter

Tanzi is the daughter of one Raz'shul, a wealthy buisiness man with more than his fair share of crooked connections. Between him and his criminal market, he gains money by embezzling funds from various organizations and sketchy business deals behind the scenes. She was born of a one night stand and quite promptly handed over to her father with the hopes of not being saddled down with a child. As the child grew, he hid his criminal activities from his daughter.

When Tanzi showed an aptitude with white magic, her father forced her into a school for learning the magical arts, where she excelled. When she graduated, her father revealed his true purpose for wanting her to go into the field of healing; In exchange for having her very own office and all debts and dues paid for her, she had to agree to only heal those whom he deemed worthy to enter. It would be a private clinic, open only to his pals. At this idea, Tanzi rebelled. When her father tried using force, she retaliated by running away.

She hides in emberstrand, staying mostly under the radar while using her skills to help who she can along the way.

Tanzi's Character sheet

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