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Thompson is a graduate scholar and student of the occult at the University of Emberstrand working as a research assistant to the Emeritus Professor of Occult and Natural History. At least that is his day-job and the persona and professionalism he offers to everyone else. In reality he is a Seer, his heritage means he has the sight beyond sight, the gaze of the Starlight, allowing him to look beyond the threads of the every day and into the hearts and futures of those he meets.

He inherited this trait from his mother who was the seer before him, it also helps that he's a True Dragon, his earthly disguise and demeanour a shroud covering up the majesty of a dragon. In his youth he lived with his mother with one of the travelling circus' of one of the Helias Nomad tribes. Koneta's Circus, a mixture of different breeds of lycanthrope dedicated to the service of Fenrir.

When a fierce tropical hurricane sank the ship he was travelling on with his mother he lost her to the sea and had to take up the burden of the Seer. He travelled to Emberstrand were he got a job shifting box's before he signed up to the University and studied an undergraduate position in history and the occult. Upon graduating he took an offered position with his professor running research and slowly establishing himself in the city as a seer, playing on the mysticism of his supposed "Helias'" blood and upbringing to pull of some mystical shenanigans he might not otherwise be able to get away with.

Thompsons's Character Sheet

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