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Born during a cold morning on the fourth of Skyfrost, Viersia exhibited a curious trait not shared by any of her parents or any known relatives: White hair. While some thought she might be albino, she showed none of the other characteristics such as sensitivity to sunlight. Regardless, her hair color resulted in a good deal of teasing and bullying during her youth, and while growing jaded and cynical may be expected of someone constantly on the receiving end of poor behavior, the child somehow managed to put a positive spin on it all and took to heart the invaluable lessons of how not to treat others.

With her father making his living as a fisherman, Viersia was introduced to the water early on in her life and she would likely refer to it as a second home. Fond of swimming and even learning a few tricks of the trade when it came to fishing, some thought she might even follow in her father's footsteps. However, it was one day, by pure chance, she observed a fight with a fiend not far from her home. A small party of individuals, apparently on a hunt for a guild, had engaged in battle with their mark. For the first time, she saw magic beyond simple tricks and it fascinated her. As a result, she began saving what little money she could make on her own and purchased a set of beginner's scrolls, hoping in particular to master all the secrets of water.

Sneaking off on her lonesome when not needed by her family, grasping the basics came slowly. It may have been easier if her parents could have sent her off to some specialized school, but she had to make due. Bit by bit she would learn, and eventually she could qualify as a low level Mage, but putting her magic to any kind of practical use would be delayed by a sudden illness overcoming her mother.

With her mother bedridden, Viersia found herself forced to take up her duties within the house. When not cooking, cleaning, and running errands at the market, the teenager found herself tapping into another curiosity and desire: the means to heal others. While doctors and white mages of various skill had come to visit her mother, none could seemingly discern the cause of her illness or even alleviate the symptoms. Sadly, Viersia lacked the means to buy various medicinal herbs to try home remedies, let alone books some chemists may be intimate with when it came to restorative methods. While her earlier training in magic had gone rusty, she hoped that one day she could learn more of white magic and succeed where other healers had failed.

Sadly, the girl's aspirations to one day heal her mother would fail to be met as the woman's illness finally claimed her life. It was a sad time within her house and her father took more to working himself ragged and spending too much time in the local taverns. While he never hit Viersia when drunk, there were often arguments had between the two as she tried her best to urge him to cut back on his drinking and not to work so hard. It was during one of these arguments that he kicked his own daughter out of their house, swearing up and down that he didn't need her and that it was her fault his wife was no longer with them.

He may not have meant it, but her father's words sunk in. That night, Viersia packed some of her belongings and ran away, traveling from town to town as money permitted. On a mission to better improve her magic and knowledge of healing, she would commonly take up part-time jobs working at inns or taverns to help make ends meet. In being around other adventurers, she would hear tales of hunts or rumors of happenings within the world. Part of it reminded her of that time she first saw real magic in action, and in her boldness of traveling, there was a temptation to try and find some group to fall in with and learn more of the arts, but she couldn't quite bring herself to take that leap. After all, fiends can be dangerous.

Years would pass with her continuing her nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes she would meet kind mages who would offer pointers to better bolster her craft, and some even claimed a great potential hid within her. Rarely staying in one place for more than a couple months, she had yet to actually return home or even seek word on her father. Part of her regretted running out like she had, but another didn't want to return without something to better justify her leaving. Her amateur magic was nearing combat capability and her social savvy was giving her a better idea on how the world worked beyond her home town. At the very least, she wanted to try a Hunt. It just needed to be the right one for her abilities...

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