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Iskus, a Bangaa, is a longtime resident of Emberstrand, but he is one who has only recently begun to become noticed. He grew up with an entirely unremarkable past, though he is the son of Csaba the Glassmaker who runs a shop appropriately named "Csaba's Glass" in the Industrial District. Consequently, Iskus has spent most of his time up to this point as a shop assistant. As such, he's been learning the ins and outs of running a shop, and he's fully intending to open one of his own.

His true talents, however, lie in the art of brewing. Having been taught the basics of beer brewing by his hobbyist father, Iskus has been expanding this to the art of alchemy. Behind the scenes, he is constantly trying to improve upon his potions, hoping to reach the point where he can begin to sell them proudly. Perhaps these potions could use a bit of field testing...

Iskus's Character Sheet

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