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Captain Leetle of House Rider is a former officer of the Navy. His official name is Frederick Wilhelm Jayne Rider, however he earned the moniker Leetle long ago and decided it worked as a sky pirate name.

He is currently the captain of the Doodlebug, an airship built by him out of multiple derelict ships. The Doodlebug is based out of Emberstrand, and has a regular berth in the docks when she is in port. Leetle and his crew (Alba, Celeste, Daivat and Jocelyn) move cargo from Emberstrand to outlying ports of call. Occasionally the crew of the Doodlebug hire out as mercenaries, bounty-hunters and big game hunters.

Leetle's past is murky and the moogle prefers it that way. What is known of his past is that he was a young engineer on a Naval vessel, and during a mutiny he sided with the ship's Captain. Barricading himself in Engineering to prevent the total fall of the ship, the moogle was betrayed by a fellow crewmate, a female moogle who has gone on to become the notorious pirate Queen Red.

Barely surviving being shot in the gut, Leetle, the Captain and the ship's cook were marooned on a deserted island. The island had numerous wrecks strewn about, apparently a favored place for pirates to dispose of evidence and prisoners. Cookie, moogle and ship's cook, assisted Leetle in construction of a fragile airship. The captain, suffering from the loss of his ship and pondering his future once they returned to civilization, slowly descended into madness.

Upon their return, Leetle and Cookie were drummed out of the navy, for failing to prevent the mutiny. Knowing they were being made to take the fall for the Captain, Leetle and Cookie embarked on a campaign of vengence. They hunted down many of the other mutineers, leaving a trail of corpses and broken men in their wake. Three times they fought Queen Red, each time resulted in the near destruction of both ships. A former lieutenant mutineer and the Mad Captain himself joined in the moogle's quest, but in the end only three survived: Leetle, Cookie and Queen Red.

After their last bloody battle, Leetle and Cookie "retired". However, the itch that all moogles seem to possess kept Leetle working on his dream, a real airship to call his own. The Doodlebug, built from parts from the airship that returned them to civilization, rose from Leetle's workshop 15 years ago. Seizing upon the spirit that founded House Rider, Leetle took to the skies as a Sky Pirate. Going places where other captains fear to tread, and helping those who live in isolated regions of the world, has kept Leetle busy. And during those years, he met and befriended many people, some of whom joined his crew.

Now in his fourties, the moogle has begun to slow down a little, taking fewer jobs, and less cargo... but he talks of one last adventure, one final battle before he settles down for good: ending the depredation of Queen Red once and for all.

In recent months, the moogle captain has married and sired four moglings. With rumours of war swirling about the city, Leetle has evacuated a number of orphanages as well as his own children out of Emberstrand. He continues to do cargo runs despite the dangers involved.

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